I've decided that this whole Donnie Davies thing is an elaborate prank. The evidence...

- Donnie Davies obviously cannot play guitar. Watch the video. I was so busy laughing at it earlier today that I didn't notice.

- Compare his singing voice with his voice in this
"welcome" video. I realize sometimes people sound different when they sing than when they speak, but not that much. Also, the guy can barely keep a straight face.

- Check the registration info for and They were both registered by proxy on the same day (October 25, 2006). The Evening Service website has a copyright notice of (1999-2006) on their website, but there is no information on either of these sites (or on the Internet Archive, so they've probably just gone live in the last few days.

So yeah, I think we've been had. My first reaction was to say it was too ridiculous to be true, but on a cursory check everything seemed legit. Frankly I wish I'd dug a little deeper before I posted about it. Whoever did this put a lot of work into it. So kudos whoever you are. I'm more than a little embarassed.

Social Distortion - "I Was Wrong" (mp3) from White Light, White Heat, White Trash

Cool blog.
Ohhhhh, surely its not all just a prank. Really? Who would go to such trouble and what would their motivation be?
Or, as I pointed out on Treach's site, it could just be that he's obviously trying not to laugh when he sings or speaks.

As for anonymous: you remind me of the type of kid who, when we made fun of the teachers in school, would say "I don't think there's anything funny about her [bunions/moles/various makefunable characteristics]"

"Who would go to such trouble and what would their motivation be?"

Um, how about Monty Python making fun of the military, and because they thought the military was funny?
Other things that suggest it's a parody:

There's much talk about the C.H.O.P.S. program and their "national network of online Christian ministries" but no real detail and no contact info beyond a gmail account. If you're offering "ministry" to help people, you should at least have a phone number or something, maybe an info packet to send out.

This sentence alone is just too much: "Follow me and together we'll C.H.O.P.S away the Gay."

And finally, most peculiar for this kind of thing, no request for money.

Okay, so it's not a real anti-gay Christian project, but then what is it? Is it just an elaborate and nutty giggle? Maybe promoting something--what kind of movie/tv show/product could it possibly be promoting with such an over-the-top offensive joke? Dunno, but I can't wait to see what happens next...
I wouldn't call it a hoax--it's too obvious (shame on you for not picking up on this)--but a purt' durn funny joke. It's BECAUSE it's so dead-on that it's so funny.
I think the most compeling evidence that this is a prank is the products they have in their online store, read some of the labels (Power Deepthrust and Hetro), plus there is no link to the store or details of how to purchase the products.
It kind of reminds me of the church of the flying spagetti monster, which is a very intentional satire to try to help change the education system in america. I don't think it needs to be promoting something commercial for there to me a motivation. The motivation might be to promote gay rights.
another reason the website has to be a site cydi lauper as a "safe band" when she is actually an LGBT rights activist! I must say, I was infuriated for a sec until it became so blatantly obvios it was a joke!
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