Motor Away

Last month I lost the only car I ever loved... or more accurately, the only car that ever loved me back. Saturns are great, but unfortunately they dont stand a chance when sandwiched between two Jeep Cherokees. The lasting legacy of the accident, other than learning that physical therapy really really sucks, is that for the for the first time in my life I have a car with a CD player.

I know... its ridiculous that someone who is as nutty about music as I am was able to survive 19 years of driving without a CD player in his car(s). But somehow I managed to subsist on a steady diet of mix tapes, the wonderful (but all too brief) two year period when Nashville had a truly great commercial alternative station (Thunder 94), and the occasional decent college DJ (our local college station was really hit or miss several years ago, I'm happy to say its a lot better now). But I'm definately happier now that my library of 5000 or so CDs can be listened to somewhere other than home or work.

Apart from the immediate gratification of being able to rip the plastic off a CD and listen to it thirty seconds after you buy it, my favorite thing about finally having a car CD player is the repeat button. A lot of times when I hear a song that I love, I want to hear it again. Right then. Sometimes three or four (or ten) times in a row. I'm pretty sure my officemate doesnt appreciate me doing that at work, and at home it involves either running over to the stereo, or trying to find the remote. In the car, the button is two feet in front of you. And I've taken advantage of that several times since I got my new wheels. So here are a couple of songs that have got the repeat treatment over the past couple weeks.

Cinerama - "Two Girls" (mp3) from Torino
Tanya Donelly - "The Bright Light" (mp3) from Lovesongs for Underdogs (out of print)
Ted Leo + Pharmacists - "Me and Mia" (mp3) from Shake The Sheets

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1) I love the MP3 cd player in my car because then it is like having 10 cds at once (but obviously requires me burning said cds)

2) might you consider publishing a full feed (you select it in blogger) so I can read it in bloglines (aka at work and no one knows I am reading a blog)?

It was supposed to be full feeds in the first place... its fixed now, thanks for the heads up!
It's always good to hear that Thunder 94 is remembered. Let's pray they don't consolidate media in the U.S. any further.

Heather Lose
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