Miss Halloween 1953

For round two of our Halloween related monday morning b-sides, we're staying local and featuring Nashville's finest purveyors of quirky chamber pop, Lylas.

Last October they released
What Is Undead Anyway, a 3 song EP celebrating Halloween. It was the second in a promised series of EPs celebrating various holidays. They've been busy this year promoting their full length Lessons For Lovers, and they've already done a Christmas EP, so unless they've got a set of Thanksgiving or Chanukah songs up their sleeves, it'll be 2007 before we get the third in the series.

Lylas - "Miss Halloween 1953" (mp3)

Unfortunately, they don't have any shows scheduled in Nashville until November 27 at Springwater, but folks in Knoxville can catch them at Sassy Ann's on October 15, where they're sure to spread some spooky holiday spirit.

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Wow cool
Miss Halloween 1953, where's miss Halloween 2006 :-)
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