Jesus Christ

I was going to post this song a couple of week's ago, but decided to postpone it because I thought it'd make for a nice Christmas day post. Regardless of your religious beliefs, or what holiday you're celebrating this time of year, this Alex Chilton number is a beautiful song. In general I'm not a big fan of religious themed music, but if I was going to make a list of exceptions, this song would definitely be at the top of it.

Kristin Hersh released The Holy Single in 1995. Although often called a Christmas EP, outside of her cover of Big Star's "Jesus Christ," there isn't a single mention of anything related to the holidays.

Kristin Hersh - "Jesus Christ" (mp3)

If you haven't heard Big Star's version, head over to
*Sixeyes to listen to the original from the classic Third/Sister Lovers album. It is equally awesome.


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