Come Together

The Healthy Home & Bad Friend - Bad Friend Love's The Healthy Home

West meets Middle Tennessee on this split album/double EP of Guided By Voice's inspired lo-fi rock. Dyersburg's
The Healthy Home kicks off the procedings sounding like a more palatable version of Stephen Merritt fronting the late model GBV lineup. Their half of the CD is bookended by two upbeat rockers, with a couple of mellow acoustic numbers sandwiched in between. If you're one of those that think Bob Pollard sold out after Alien Lanes, than the second half of the split will probably be more your speed, at least sonically. I'm pretty sure Nashville's Bad Friend started more as a drinking club than a band, and that kind of loose, relaxed vibe informs their music throughout. With three singer/songwriters, it can sound a bit schizophrenic at times, but that chaos breeds a perfect gem of a pop song in "Taco." Taking the concept of a shared CD to it's logical conclusion, the CD concludes with two songs recorded as a collaboration between the bands, and the resulting "Staying Up All Night" is one of the album's highlights.

The Healthy Home - "Starting Anew" (mp3)
Bad Friend - "Taco" (mp3)

Bad Friend will be celebrating the release of the EP on Wednesday, October 17, at the Basement in Nashville, along with
Paris Street, who also have a brand new EP they'll be welcoming into the world (which I am unqualified to review, having played on it). Chicago's The Saps will be rounding out the bill. For more on the show, check out the article in this week's Nashville Scene.

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