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I've been crazy busy the last couple of months. Between work, unpacking, the band putting out one CD and finishing recording another one, and of course football season, it's been easy for things to fall by the wayside. But how on earth did I miss the fact that Robert Pollard released not one, but two new albums last month??? In my defense, it's almost impossible for all but the most dedicated to keep up with the former Guided By Voices frontman's prolific output. But still...

Apparently he is doing a yin and yang thing with these two albums, with one featuring his poppier "Beatles" side, and the other a punkier "Stones" side. According to the press materials on the album: "In the universe where Bob explains the Freudian divisions of his psyche, he calls Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love his id, Standard Gargoyle Decisions his ego, and himself his Super Ego." From the bits I've heard, they really don't sound all that dissimilar. The description of Uncle Bob as "super ego" is certainly fitting though.

from Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love
Robert Pollard - "Current Desperation (Angels Speak Of Nothing)" (mp3)
Robert Pollard - "Rud Fins" (mp3)

from Standard Gargoyle Decisions
Robert Pollard - "Pill Gone Girl" (mp3)
Robert Pollard - "The Killers" (mp3)

You can also hit up the Merge website and stream both albums in their entirety.

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