Hitchcock Presents

If Bing Crosby is considered the King of Christmas music, then Robyn Hitchcock should be recognized as the Prince of Halloween. For over thirty years the guy has made a career out of singing about the bizarre underbelly of life, as well as the lighter side of death and dying. While he's written absolutely perfect pop gems like "Beautiful Girl" or "So You Think You're In Love," and heartbreakingly gorgeous songs like "Glass Hotel" and "Arms Of Love," he's mostly known for surreal tales that would be a veritable wet dream for a Jungian analyst. Heck, a lot of his songs would make for great Halloween costumes... "The Man With The Lightbulb Head," "Balloon Man," "Happy the Golden Prince," "Surfer Ghost," and "Queen Elvis." So in honor of All Hallows' Eve, here's a mini mix of songs appropriate for today's festivities.

Robyn Hitchcock - "Sounds Great When You're Dead" (mp3) from I Often Dream Of Trains
The Soft Boys - "Sandra's Having Her Brain Out" (mp3) from A Can Of Bees
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - "Sleeping With Your Devil Mask" (mp3) from Globe of Frogs


Funny you blogged about Robyn... I've been burning all his stuff onto my Ipod today. Another great song of his -and one of my all time favorites, is My Wife and My Dead Wife. Boo!
Yeah, I mentioned that song in the first draft of this post. I posted it for Halloween two years ago.
A belated thanks for spreading the word about a still somewhat undervalued artist (in my opinion anyway)...I guess I've been a fan for over, what, 20 years? My God, I'm old.
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