Next Big Nashville Thursday Preview

Next Big Nashville 2009 kicked off yesterday, but things really get rolling tonight, with showcases happening at a dozen different venues around town, plus another film premiere at the Belcourt. As always you can play your activities at the NBN Schedule page, but if you need a few suggestions as to where to get started, here you go...

The Carter Administration - Possibly Nashville's longest running indie band, and for good reason. Tight as hell, and with just the right amount of smartass attitude, nobody in town plays straight ahead pop/rock better. 8 pm at The Basement

The Carter Administration - "The Wakeup Call" (mp3) from Here Comes The Copout

The Deep Vibration - They won't win any points for originality, but rock fueled alt-country rarely gets played any better than this. The ghost of Graham Parsons would be proud. 9:30 pm at The Basement

Dexateens - One of the most fun sets I saw last year, these guys sound something like if Lynyrd Skynrd jumped in a time machine and became an indie rock band instead of classic rock staples.
9:30 at Exit/In

Dexateens - "Neil Armstrong" (mp3) from Hardwire Healing

Oblio - These guys take all the best parts of 70s AM radio and combine them into a glorious indie-pop stew. 10:30 pm at The Rutledge

The Non-Commisioned Officers - Originally formed to record the soundtrack for Make-out With Violence and perform a few shows to promote the film, the band has had a much longer shelf life than expected, and has kept rolling due to popular demand. 10:50 pm at Mercy Lounge

I'll be out and about this evening, so you can follow my take on the action live by following @page300 on Twitter.


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