I Watch The Cars Go Back And Forth

Whenever my band has a gig, I always check out the other bands online if I havent already heard them. It's nice to be able to describe them to my friends, and if nothing else, it gives me a conversation starter when I meet the bands before the show. Tuesday night we played at the 5 Spot in East Nashville with Cars Can Be Blue, a two-piece, boy/girl, guitar and drums combo from Athens, GA. I listened to the four songs they've got up on their myspace page, and they were all kinda cute funny pop songs. Not really my cup of tea, but it'd make for a pleasant enough 40 minute set.

So they start playing, and it's pretty much what I expected. But after a couple of songs, I started to realize that their myspace page really didnt prepare me for them at all. Musically the songs were all the same quirky bubblegum tunes I had heard online, but the lyrics started getting naughty. Around the time they played "She Needs It," their ode to booty calls, the audience's giggles had turn to full on laughter. By the time they got to this song, I was literally crying from laughing so hard...

(WARNING - If you are the easily offended type, you shouldn't listen to this. I mean, look at the title. Also, you might not want to blast it if you are at work)

Cars Can Be Blue - "Retarded Retard" (mp3) from All The Stuff We Do

At the end of their set, my sides were sore. I honestly cannot remember the last time I laughed that hard. They were silly and sophomoric and potty mouthed... and hilarious.

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I love Cars Can Be Blue. They started out in this area - Southern New Hampshire/Vermont. They used to play several places here in Brattleboro.
If it was only the lyrics that started to get out of hand - it was a tame show. Usually, Nate ends up stripped down to his tighty whitey's by end of the night, jumping off tables. And Becky... what can I say about Becky? I better not.

You are indeed lucky to have them - we don't have them anymore, and we miss them.

Thanks so much for the post and the MP3.
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