Trick Or Treat

I won't be home to give out candy tonight, so here are a few treats for your Halloween enjoyment.

The Supersuckers - "Born With A Tail" (mp3)

Rock and Roll simply does not get more fun than this. You probably won't hear this song at your next church function. From 1995's
The Sacrilicious Sounds Of The Supersuckers.

Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - "My Wife And My Dead Wife" (mp3)

This was the first song I thought about when I decided to do a Halloween post. Robyn Hitchcock is one of my all time favorite artists, and he's written some of the most underappreciated pop gems ever. Mix John Lennon's melodic gifts with Syd Barrett's lyrical genius and this is the result. From 1985's Fegmania.

Shane MacGowan & The Popes - "Haunted" (mp3)

After he was kicked out of The Pogues, MacGowan went and formed a new band with a strikingly similar name. You could accuse him of trying to rip off his former band's legacy, but 1995's
The Snake is too good to dismiss. It's very much in the same vein as his work with The Pogues, but a slightly more rock oriented affair. "Haunted" is a duet with Sinead O'Connor.

Adam & The Ants - "Killer In The Home" (mp3)

Was there ever a more perfect act for the early days of MTV? Sure, Duran Duran gets all the glory, but Antmusic was a lot more fun. From the 1990 best of collection
Antics In The Forbidden Zone.

Kristin Hersh - "Your Ghost" (mp3)

On her first break from Throwing Muses, Kristin Hersh set her stream of consciousness lyrics to largely acoustic accompaniment. To be honest, I actually like her solo work better than her Muses material. This duet with Michael Stipe is from her 1994 solo album
Hips And Makers.

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