Everyday's A Holiday

When my family lived in Washington (the state, not the capitol), it seemed like the holiday season lasted from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day. I remember that every year the paper grocery bags at Rosauers would have a picture of a pilgrim, Santa Claus, and Father Time on them starting at the end of November. I don't know if it's a difference in regional customs or what, but in Nashville people start taking their decorations down on the 26th. Maybe its just burnout from putting up their Christmas decorations the weekend after Halloween. Regardless of the reasons, it's kind of a bummer for someone who grew up enjoying the holidays through January 1.

This year it's not an issue, as I'm spending Christmas in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. People up here go all out in decorating for the holidays. I'm completely serious when I say that in four days of driving around, I have only seen 3 houses that aren't decorated (my mom says they go equally nuts for Halloween). And up here, they leave everything lit up through New Year's. So Darrin is a happy boy.

Mel Torme - "Everyday's A Holiday" (mp3) from 16 Most Requested Songs

Despite having the word holiday in its title, this really isn't a holiday song. But it does mention New Year's Eve, so it's certainly timely this week of the year.


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