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Today the Best. TV Series. Ever. finally gets a proper release on DVD. The Twin Peaks: Definitive Gold Box Edition contains both seasons of the acclaimed series, along with both the US and European versions of the pilot (previously only a crappy import of the European version was available on DVD). There are also a treasure trove of extras, including several new documentaries, a Julee Cruise music video, and clips from Kyle MacLachlan's 1990 Saturday Night Live appearance. It's taken ridiculously long for it to see the light of day, but it looks like David Lynch has made sure that it's worth the wait.

Also being released today is a new soundtrack of previously unreleased music from the series. The unimaginatively titled Twin Peaks: Season Two Music And More will apparently feature music from both the second season and parts of the score from Fire Walk With Me that didn't make it onto the movie's original soundtrack album. Anyone who watched the series knows that Angelo Badalamenti's music was huge part of the show's unreal atmosphere, and the first soundtrack to the series became the best selling TV soundtrack ever at the time.

David Lynch - "The Pink Room" (mp3) from the Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me soundtrack
Julee Cruise - "Rockin' Back Inside My Heart (Tibetan Single Mix)" (mp3) from the Rockin' Back Inside My Heart single

"The Pink Room" is probably my all time favorite piece of film music. It sounds great as a stand alone track, but the way the song's sinister vibe works with the scene from the movie was absolutely brilliant. The remix of the Julee Cruise song comes from the single that was released from the series' first soundtrack, and the original version is also featured on her album Floating Into the Night.

Fuck-yeah. now I can finally through away all those ancient VHS tapes...
OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!! I was such a dork that I was the secretary of a club called COOP (Citizens Opposing the Offing of Peaks). Wow...talk about a true confession.
I've held out until a proper compelation came out! Thank you for the heads up!!!!!!!!!! OMG!
I still own my Audrey skirt - one day I'll fit back into it...it's where my love of Mary Janes started.
I'm so excited!!!!!
Great news on both fronts! The Twin Peaks soundtrack is one of my favourite albums ever. Hopefully this is more of the same.
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