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I had two posts I was going to write this evening about my musical adventures over the weekend. But I'm exhausted and sunburned and the only reason I wasn't in bed two hours ago is because I took a nap late this afternoon. That said, my head will be hitting the pillow as soon as I hit publish on this post, which I'm making mainly because I haven't done a real post in a week and a half. And I guess this really doesn't qualify either. But it's something to listen to on Monday morning, even though it's really more suited for evening ears. Whatever, I'm rambling...

Robyn Hitchcock - "Ye Sleeping Knights Of Jesus (Demo)" (mp3)

This song was a bonus track on the Rhino version of I Often Dream Of Trains. The album is being reissued next month on Yep Roc, but with different bonus tracks. So if you're a Robyn fan... you're welcome.

AH - it's the demo = nice one, thanks - I always loved this track
Why are you exhausted and why are you sunburned?
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