Goodbye Dog Days

I love Labor Day. Certainly not as much as I love Christmas, but it's definitely up there on my list of favorite holidays. Not so much because of the day itself, but what it represents... the end of summer. Summer is nice and all, but fall is definitely my favorite season. I'm especially looking forward to it this year, after the most brutal August I can remember in 22 years of living in Nashville. It's nice that the temperatures have cooled down enough that you can roll down the window and turn up the radio in your car. So in honor of the return of moderate temperatures, here is my second favorite driving song of all time.*

Lexo & the Leapers - "Time Machines" (mp3) from Ask Them

*My numero uno favorite driving song will remain my dirty little secret... though I'm sure a few of my friends could probably guess. I'm sure I've revealed it at some point during a drunken moment of weakness.


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