I Would Like You To Dance

Today is Page 300's one year anniversary. Twelve months ago on a Saturday afternoon I sat down at the computer and wrote this post. It's kind of served as a mission statement about what this blog is supposed to be. I'd like to say doing this has been one hundred percent successful at making me feel reconnected with music, but it hasn't. I've pretty much accepted that I'll never be the all-knowing music geek I was ten years ago. That said, I've discovered a lot of great bands doing this over the past year, have gotten good feedback from people I've been able to expose new (and old) music too. I've definitely enjoyed the entire process.

My original plan for today was to put up a birthday themed mix. Unfortunately, despite three different service calls over the past week and a half, Comcast still hasn't fixed my internet access. So instead I'll post something that I meant to post months ago, as it's the only mp3 I haven't posted yet in my fileden account.

When I was a kid, I used to listen to Casey Kasem do the Top 40 religiously every weekend. I'd carry around my mom's old transitor radio on Saturday afternoon (and often on Sunday too if I missed any part of it), and I'd have the entire list memorized throughout the week. If you wanted to know what song was number 19 with a bullet, I was your man. Listening to the Top 40 was a lot more fun in those days. Sure there was the same kind of pop drivel that you hear today, but there was also a lot of crossover from the jazz and country charts. Chuck Mangione and Dolly Parton may not be the same as Miles Davis or Hank Williams, but it was still more adventurous than what you hear on most radio stations these days.

I'm not sure what my 8 year old self would have thought though if he knew this was the kind of thing that went on behind the scenes of his favorite radio show. Warning... this is very much not safe for work.

Casey Kasem - Long Distance Dedication (mp3)

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