Firecrackin' on the 4th of July

What's not to like about the 4th of July? And extra day off in the middle of summer, barbeques, fireworks (which I'll never get tired of no matter how old I get)... it's entirely awesome. So here are a couple of songs for your Independence Day enjoyment.

David Lee Roth - "Yankee Rose" (mp3) from Eat Em' And Smile

A love song to the Statue of Liberty, and the best Van Halen song that Van Halen never recorded. Let's be honest... it was all downhill for Dave after this.

Frank Sinatra & Bing Crosby - "You Never Had It So Good" (mp3) from the Complete Reprise Recordings box set

In 1964, Ol' Blue Eyes and Der Bingle teamed up with the Fred Waring Singers to record an album of unbridled patriotism,
America, I Hear You Singing. I've heard about half the songs on the album, and even though some of the vocal arrangements can be a bit overbearing at times, this Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen tune is one of my favorites.

The Beach Boys - "4th Of July" (mp3) from the Good Vibrations box set

I've always associated the Beach Boys with this holiday more than any other artist. It's probably because of the annual concerts they staged at the National Mall in Washington, DC during the early 80s. This Dennis Wilson song was recorded in 1970 and intended for the
Surf's Up album, but was pulled during an argument among the Wilson brothers over the album's sequencing. It's amazing that a song this good was allowed to sit in the vaults for 23 years, and it's also a testament to the fact that Brian Wilson wasn't the only creative talent in the band (though his arrangement and production is surely part of what makes this song so good).

Have a happy (and safe) fourth everyone!!!


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