Happy Mum's Day

I had a couple of different ideas for songs for a Mother's Day post, but once I remembered this one, it was over. It's just too perfect. It's Dean Martin's solo performance from the greatest gangster musical ever made, Robin and the Seven Hoods. It's also easily the best Rat Pack movie. Sure you don't have Peter Lawford or Joey Bishop, but you gain Bing Crosby and Peter Falk, and that's more than a fair trade. If you like Johnny Dangerously, put this on your Netflix que. You won't be disappointed.

But enough about gangster movies... here's to my mom, and your mom, and my niece's mom, and every mom everywhere. Happy Mother's Day!

Dean Martin - "Any Man Who Loves His Mother" (mp3) from the Robin and the 7 Hoods soundtrack


Hey pallie Darrin, thanks for sharin'this great tribute to mothers by our Dino. It is a known fact that Dino was very respectful of his own mom, and it is wonderful to have had you post this in honor of all mothers on their day.
Thanks pallie Darrin for this. It's so awesome. I love this movie. It's really cool. Dino is my favorite member of the Rat Pack so it's nice to see a song of his. Dino definitely loves his mom. We should all be thankful for the moms we have. I know I am.
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