Never Say Never

When I started this music blog thing last August, one of the rules I set was that I wasn't going to post, or mention, or in anyway promote any of my own musical projects. I just felt like self promotion was tacky, and it was a violation of journalism ethics or something. But the main reason I started doing this was to post about music that I love, and for the past month or so this has been my absolute favorite song in the world. I must have listened to it at least a hundred times. So since it definitely fits the reason this blog exists in the first place, I figured that trumps any silly rule I made for myself. Besides, it's not like I wrote it, I just play on it.

So here is "Goodbye Song #2" by Paris Street. In almost twenty years of playing in bands, this is probably my favorite song that I've ever been a part of. This version isn't finished. We've added more percussion since this mix was done, and hopefully we will be replacing the keyboard string part with real cello. But since this is the version I've been listening to and loving for the past four weeks, it's the one I'm posting.

Paris Street - "Goodbye Song #2" (mp3)

And if you were wondering, I'm playing bass, drums, and singing backing vocals. Carl did everything else.


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