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Tomorrow the second season of Twin Peaks is finally being released on DVD. Although it's often maligned as a letdown from the first season, the second year of the series was full of bright spots. The plot with Windom Earle was brilliant, and the finale in the Black Lodge is one of the most amazing and bizarre things to ever be shown on television. It was one of the most memorable TV cliffhangers ever, even moreso now because it will never be resolved.

So to celebrate the long awaited DVD release, today's monday morning b-side is The Wedding Present's cover of the Twin Peaks theme song, "Falling." Of all the outstanding covers David Gedge has done over the course of his career, this one might be my favorite. It was originally released on April 6, 1992 as the b-side of "Silver Shorts," part of the Hit Parade series in the UK.

The Wedding Present - "Falling" (mp3) from Hit Parade


Of course, the absolute f***ing idiocy in the handling of TP continues: now that Paramount has stopped sitting on Twin Peaks, after the Lions Gate licensing debacle, season 1 is now out of print, meaning that here, EIGHT YEARS after announcing the series' release on DVD (and SIXTEEN YEARS after the series aired), the complete series has yet to be available on DVD at one time.

Oh, and of course, the pilot's NEVER been released.

There is no god, and people are morons.
The Weddoes! Hurrah...I'm stealing this from you, thanks.

I used to be quite obsessed with Twin Peaks, and I'm happy they FINALLY released Season 2 (yes, it is ridiculous, but I never even thought this day would come).

I also have most of the series (including Pilot) on VHS if you know anyone who wants it, for free.
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