The Weekend Is The Only World

Guided By Voices does Cheap Trick. It's like dying and going to pop nerd heaven. The only way it could be more awesome is if they had done "Surrender" or "Dream Police." But then that would be a bit too obvious, wouldn't it? Although they used to cover "Baba O'Riley" in concert, and thats hardly an obscure Who song. Regardless, their take on one of In Color's standout tracks will have to do. From the UK only The Best Of Jill Hives single.

Guided By Voices - "Downed" (mp3)


Cool cover...only part of the song downloads though. Can you repost?
Fileden must have been having issues when you downloaded it, it works fine now. Try again...
The tune cuts off at 1:32?
I've downloaded it on two different computers, and it works fine for me. Try deleting your temporary internet files and downloading it again.
Got it! Thanks for the post.
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