Great Lakes Myth Society

Last night I ventured out to The Basement to catch a friend's band, and ended up making my first great musical discovery of 2007.

Great Lakes Myth Society is group of five lads who hail from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Their brand of literate "Northern rock" combines elements of Celtic folk, Americana, and chamber pop, ending up sounding somewhere between The Decemberists and The Pogues. One of the most impressive things about them (other than the fact that they pull off amazing five-part harmonies live) is that for a band with three singer/songwriters, they manage to maintain an incredibly cohesive sound. Their songs are very much influenced by their geography, but you certainly don't have to be a Yankee to enjoy them.

Great Lakes Myth Society - "Across The Bridge" (mp3)
Great Lakes Myth Society - "Isabella County, 1992" (mp3)

Both these tracks are from their self titled debut album, which is available here. Their second album, Compass Rose Bouquet, is scheduled to be released June 12 on Quack!Media, and they'll be playing at the label's SXSW showcase at Bourbon Rocks in Austin on Thursday, March 15.

GLMS are fucking amazing and unique. I wish they were coming to NYC sooner. I think their new album will be twice as good as the last, too.

Other bands from the thriving Michigan "Northern" folk-pop-rock scene you might dig:

The Mighty Narwhale
Frontier Ruckus
Chris Bathgate
Matt Jones
Misty Lyn

If you wanted to vernture further into more psych-pop, rock, synth, noise, etc it can go on and on with awesome Michigan bands, but those are some acts you might dig if you dig the GLMS aesthetic, for starters. Cheers.
Also, if you want to download a couple unreleased GLMS tracks, check the left side of the page of this MetroTimes cover story.
Four new GLMS songs on their myspace page.
Two new songs fron the upcoming GLMS album for download at WebVomit.
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