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When I was in high school, it was pretty much a law that if you were a drummer, you had to be a Rush fan. It just wasn't negotiable, and I was certainly no exception. But by my senior year, my tastes had skewed more towards alternative rock, and Neil, Geddy and Alex slowly started slipping down my list of favorite artists. I'd still go see them everytime they came to town, but I found myself listening to them less and less.

I didn't completely fall off the wagon until 1996, and I can remember it like it was yesterday. I sat down at one of the listening stations at Blockbuster Music on my lunch break and started listening to
Test For Echo. And it was honestly one of the worst albums I'd ever heard. I couldn't believe that this was the band that inspired me to start writing songs in junior high (granted, those songs were terrible, but you've got to start somewhere). After 20 minutes sampling the album, I threw the headphones down in disgust.

Last night Rush released their new single on their website. And I've got to say... it's kind of awesome. Their new album was produced by Nick Raskulinecz, who's spent the last few years making records with Foo Fighters and Queens Of The Stone Age. If the rest of the album lives up to this song, it will be the best work they've done since 1993's
Counterparts. It'll also be the first Rush CD I've bought since then.

Rush - "Far Cry" (mp3) from Snakes & Arrows (out May 1, 2007)

UPDATE: The track seems to be up and down on the band's website, so here is a mirror if the official link doesn't work for you. You can also head to the band's website and stream it.

Ummm, songs not there.
This is very promising, indeed! Thanks for posting. In my day, if you owned a Rickenbacker 4001, you were a Geddy lee fan. =)

Could have used a really good solo by Lifeson somewhere in the middle.
Hahaha, it took you until Test For Echo? I stopped really listening to them around the time that Power Windows came out. I'm more of a Hemispheres/2112/Farewell to Kings fan myself.

But I agree, Far Cry sounds very promising indeed! I hope that the rest of the album holds up. Just bought my tickets for their upcoming tour an hour ago. =D

Yes, I was a Geddy Lee/Chris Squire fanboy back in the day and bought a Ricky 4001 back in 1980 as well. ;-)
I like the song a lot - I've heard that the album is a mixed bag though. Looking forward to seeing the guys play London, England in October.
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