Slowly, Slowly

I'm not sure how I managed to do this blog for six months without mentioning Magnapop. We'll fix that right now...

Hot Boxing is one of my favorite albums ever. It's one of only a handful of albums I could cite as not having a weak moment. Through fourteen songs and 43 minutes, its a non-stop thrill ride of unadulterated punk-pop gems. Today's monday morning b-side is one of three demos for the album that were included on the Lay It Down single. The arrangements are all almost exactly the same as they are on the album, though producer Bob Mould beefed up the sound considerably for the final product.

Magnapop - "Slowly, Slowly (Demo)" (mp3)

The band will take a break from recording the followup to their 2005 comeback album Mouthfeel for a show on St. Patrick's Day at the Caledonia Louge in Athens, GA.


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