Lost And Found

One of the downsides of having an obscenely large number of CDs is it's quite easy to lose track of them. I'm not kidding when I say that every flat surface in my apartment has a stack of CDs on it. So I was giddy yesterday when I found one that that had been on my "most wanted" list for the past couple of months.

The Heart Throbs were a Liverpool band that came out of the early nineties British shoegazer scene. Led by the sisters of Echo & The Bunnymen drummer Pete DeFrietas, they put out three albums, two of which were titled after obscure sex terms (the third, Vertical Smile, was a little more obvious). I don't think this was their first single, but it was the video that used to get played on 120 Minutes all the time.

The Heart Throbs - "Dreamtime" (mp3) from Cleopatra Grip

I was trying to find an appropriate picture for this post, but a cursory search didn't find anything, and I'm too exhausted tonight to be persistent. Too much post-gig socializing last night. I'd have been in bed two hours ago if it hadn't been Lost night.

you should take photos of your CD collection and put them on Flickr. I've always been intrigued by how many you might have!
Thanks for the mp3 of Dreamtime - was looking for that!
I still think the big guy has you beat on number of CD's in his collection, not to mention the vinyl. Do you have a database of your stuff????? ;)
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