Let The Rain Come Down

So I think I might be the only person in America who actually liked the Super Bowl halftime show. I didn't LOVE it, because these kind of ten minute spectacles are inherently unlovable. But they aren't going anywhere, and I much prefer this kind of set by a single artist to the awful multiple performer medleys that were all the rage a couple of years ago. I was surprised he only did songs from Purple Rain (of his originals anyway), but you really can't argue with the song choices, and watching him play the solo from the the title track in a downpour was kind of cool. Though I thought pairing it with "All Along The Watchtower" was odd, his cover of the Foo Fighter's "Best Of You" was pretty awesome.

To answer a question I heard on the radio this morning, yes, Prince was live. The vocals and guitar were anyway. The band tracks were pre-recorded. U2 did the same thing a couple of years ago when they played the halftime show.

Since turnabout is fairplay, here are the Foo Fighters covering Prince, from the 2003 Australian single of Have It All.

Foo Fighters - "Darling Nikki" (mp3)

post title from "17 Days"


I could go for a little more Prince and a little less covers
Made my night. Easily the best Super Bowl halftime show I can remember seeing.
i actually loved the halftime show for how few minutes you get. it was way better than the game which was also good. it was like a spaceship came down and brought us away from beer & nachos for 15 minutes and straight to his world.
how often do you get to watch prince sign purple rain live- in the rain?

the watchtower cover i also liked because prince was quite inspired by hendrix (mostly) and dylan. an homage killing 2 birds with one stone never hurts.
Agreed, Prince's performance was second only to U2. Definitely the highlight of the Super Bowl. Game was boring, commercials were generally lame.

I really liked when his shadow was cast against the shimmering curtain during the guitar solo, his guitar looking like a phallus straight out of Dr Seuss erotica.

My guess on the reasons why he only played stuff from Purple Rain:
1)It's the only stuff that 75%+ of the audience would recognize.
2) Prince is now a Jehovah's Witness, so he probably has sworn off a lot of his material cuz it's NAAAASTY.
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