Wilco will make you gay

Idolator posted a link to this list this morning, which advises parents which bands might make their children gay. It would be the funniest thing I've seen all day (Morrissey listed as questionable???), if it weren't for this video. Lovegodsway.org founder and reformed homosexual Donnie Davies evidently has a band called the Evening Standard. So I present to you the greatest video ever made, "The Bible Says."

Sadly, this doesn't appear to be a joke. Lovegodsway.org has been registered since last October.

UPDATE: Youtube has taken down the video, citing a "terms of use" violation. Probably that whole "God hates fags" chorus. Myspace has killed it too. The link above is from someone who posted it at youtube under a different title. It probably won't last long, and the audio is out of synch, but right now it's the only link that works.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The verdict is in, and I'm calling this is a hoax.

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