My Funny Valentine

Since I started this blog, I've made it a habit to do holiday themed posts. For today I had been plotting to do a mix of my favorite love related songs, but a combination of being busy with other stuff and just not feeling like it sidelined that plan. There's always next year. But I hate to let a tradition die, so I give you this...

Miranda Sex Garden - "My Funny Valentine" (mp3) from Suspiria

Like most versions of the Rodgers and Hart classic, Miranda Sex Garden approach it as a downtempo ballad, though there is something slightly ominous about their version, like it's building up to some dramatic breakdown that never comes. Also, like most versions of old standards, the opening verse is omitted.
Grabbingsand has the lyrics to the forgotten intro if you're interested.


busy watching the tumbleweed blow through the House?!
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