Random Thoughts on the '07 Grammys

Even though I swore all week I was only going to watch the Grammy Awards long enough to see Stewart, Sting and Andy perform, I've somehow gotten sucked into watching the whole thing. So I figured I'd keep a running blog to keep myself interested.

- As excited as I am about the Police reuniting, that performance seemed a little anticlimatic. It was nice they tried to do something fresh with "Roxanne," but that rearrangement of the second verse didn't really work.

- How much longer do we have to hear about how brave the Dixie Chicks are? I really don't care about the comments they made about Bush, but it kills me that more people don't call them out on how positioning themselves as champions of free speech is BS. They only did that after they tried to furiously backtrack from their comments and no one bought it.

- Hooked on Phonics worked for Fergie. Unfortunately the spray-on tan didn't.

- The
"wrap it up" box was in full effect tonight!

- I agree with Idolator (see their
8:35 comment). These performances are tremendously underwhelming.

- I hate me some John Mayer.

- I can never not watch Shakira. "Hips Don't Lie" might be the most appropriate theme song ever.

- Regarding my second point... at least another couple of weeks I guess.

- Alyson Hannigan must have gone to the same tanning place that Fergie did. But I think Cobie Smulders has replaced Elisha Cuthbert at the top of my list of favorite Canucks.

- The new arrangement of "Crazy" started off cool, but I kept expecting it to kick in at some point. That drum beat got a little repitive.

- Did anyone else get sick of seeing the Justin Timberlake duet wannabes before every commercial break?

- According to IMDB, Mandy Moore is 5'10", and Luke Wilson is 6'. Either Mandy wore the tallest high heels ever, or someone is fibbing.

- If Carrie Underwood hasn't already passed Kelly Clarkson as the biggest former American Idol winner, she's about to.

- Did the guys in Rascal Flatts suck on helium before they went on stage, or are their voices always that high?

- Smokey Robinson's voice is still amazing, but am I the only one who found his choice of songs ironic? EDIT - Nope. Both
Stereogum and Idolator weighed in on it. See their 10:09 comments.

- Remember when Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears used to be mentioned in the same sentence? Me neither. I'm not usually a fan, but I think even James Brown would have been proud of that performance of "It's A Man's Man's Man's World."

- How come violin prodigies are always Asian?

- Ludacris duets with Farrah Fawcett!

- Apart from the fact that "You're Beautiful" is pretty much the worst song ever, have any of these couples who picked it as "our song" ever listened to the lyrics?

- What was up with that Prince ad?

- Gnarls Barkley got robbed. "Crazy" was clearly the Record of the Year.

- Chris Rock has the line of the night, then immediately ruins it by proclaiming the Red Hot Chili Peppers the best band in the world.

- Is there any doubt the Dixie Chicks are about to win again?

- Nope.

I never thought I'd say this, but Christina Aguilera was the highlight of the night. Apart from that, I wish I had stuck with my original plan and turned the TV off after the first five minutes. After the last three and a half hours, this song seems totally appropriate...

The Replacements - "I Hate Music" (mp3) from Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash

What the Dixie Chicks don't understand about free speech is that not only are they able to say whatever they want, other people are just as free to disagree with whatever the Dixie Chicks said.
I thought the Grammys were supposed to be about highlighting the best musical talent of the year... not "sticking it to the man" The Grammys seem to have lost their focus.
Were was the talent?
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