Coast Is Clear

Sometimes I wonder if Toni Halliday and Dean Garcia want to scream and throw things everytime they hear Garbage on the radio. With Curve they pretty much created the template that Shirley Manson and company rode to much greater success. But she basically shot that theory down in a 1996 interview in Volume magazine.

"We can see bits of Garbage in what we've done, just like we see bits of Sonic Youth or the Valentines or really any band that was doing something supposedly outside the norm. In a way it's very flattering to be tied in with Butch Vig, not just because he's a brilliant human being, but because he's a brilliant producer and he's worked on some of our favourite records. But eventually Garbage are a pop band and Curve were never a pop band."
Today's monday morning b-side comes from the 1992 promo single for
Horror Head. I became instantly smitten with the band the first time I saw the video for this song, and it's still one of my favorite tracks from the shoegazer era.

Curve - "Coast Is Clear (Live)" (mp3)


Fantastic post. The live version of "Die Like A Dog" on that promo is amazing, as well.
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