Those Images Are Fading Now

If there was any doubt in my mind that YouTube has become my one of my favorite websites, the video above cemented it; Steve Kilbey performing my absolute favorite of his solo songs on a 1986 television appearance.

Steve Kilbey - "Othertime" (mp3) from Unearthed

Finding that gem would have been the highlight of my day, except that two minutes later I found this; The Church performing "Almost With You" on a European TV show in 1982. It's utterly fantastic.

The Church - "Almost With You (Acoustic)" (mp3) from El Momento Descuidado

They performed "The Unguarded Moment" on the same TV show. You can also watch them miming "Too Fast For You" on the Australian TV show Countdown, after what can only be described as an unfortunate makeup overdose.

Thank you caiofons, whoever you are!


That Almost With You video is classic, as is Othertime - love it!
Great post! As a child of the 80's I was only really familiar with The Church's hit "Under the Milkway". The blogosphere has introduced me to so much more from this band. They're great!
Oh my goodness. Yay. Steve Kilbey's Acoustic & Intimate (esp. 'Providence') never fails to make me weep big sad girl tears. Love him. And these videos are great!
They played "Providence" when I saw them in Atlanta last year. It absolutely floored me. That last verse is probably my favorite lyric ever.
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