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Sister Vanilla - Little Pop Rock

If you listen to
Sister Vanilla and think it sounds a lot like The Jesus And Mary Chain, that's because it is... sorta. Although the band is fronted by little sister Linda, she wrote and recorded the album with her brothers Jim and William Reid, along with their JAMC bandmate Ben Lurie. So it's basically The Mary Chain with a chick singer (think "Mo Tucker" from Munki, which featured Linda on lead vocals). And that is a very good thing.

The album is full of everything you heard on the last couple of Mary Chain albums; a fuzzed out mix of feedback fueled rockers and countrified acoustic numbers. The constant JAMC comparisons might seem lazy, but that's really what it sounds like. Jim and William take lead vocals on a song each as well, so it's hard not to think of this as a Mary Chain side project. The most surprising thing about Little Pop Rock is that it came out two years ago in Japan, but has never seen a release anywhere else in the world until this week. It's hard to believe that a record this good was allowed to sit on the shelf for so long.

Sister Vanilla - "Can't Stop The Rock" (mp3)
Sister Vanilla - "The Two Of Us" (mp3)

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