Easter Parade

Someday I'm going to run out of songs from Holiday Inn to post on holidays. But until that happens (which I'm guessing will be Lincoln's Birthday next February), you can expect a regular diet of Bing Crosby every time a holiday comes around. This song was inspired by the annual New York City event dating from the mid-1800s when Manhattan's elite would walk down 5th Avenue after attending morning church services to show off their Easter finery. Irving Berlin recycled the melody from his 1917 song "Smile And Show Your Dimple," and a seasonal classic was born. In 1948 it became the first song from Holiday Inn to be spun off into its own movie (White Christmas didn't follow until 1954).

Bing Crosby - "Easter Parade" (mp3) from the Holiday Inn soundtrack


I pretty much depend on you for my crooner fix.
I'm always surprised at how popular the crooner posts are. It's a safe bet that I'll keep them coming for as long as I'm doing this. Because I enjoy them, not because of said popularity.
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