Get Down, Make Love

I haven't listened to Nine Inch Nails much in the last couple of years, but with Year Zero coming out tomorrow, I figured it was a good time to pillage through my old NIN singles for today's monday morning b-side. Most of their b-sides are remixes, so my choice is their cover of Queen's "Get Down, Make Love" from the Sin single. Trent always seems to go a great job when he raids other people's catalogs (his covers of Adam Ant's "Physical" and Joy Division's "Dead Souls" are equally stellar), and this song is no exception.

Nine Inch Nails - "Get Down, Make Love" (mp3)


Totally agree with you. Of all of Trent's great works, there is something very sexy and special about his treatment of that great Queen song.
My kind of blog. Freddy, Trent and Frank. Cool. Great NiN cover, thanks.
OMG! That was the WORST cover of a Queen song I've ever heard!

I normally love NIN, but Trent really made a bad choice to try this.
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