Big Night Out

Tonight is a veritable indie rock-o-rama in Nashville. Bright Eyes plays at the Ryman, Joseph Arthur is at the Exit/In, and The Rapture will test whether or not the chorus to "Whoo! Alright - Yeah... Uh Huh" was actually written about Nashville audiences when they roll into the Mercy Lounge. And me? I'll be kicking it old school at the Spring Swing at The Rutledge, where local burlesque troupe Lady & The Tramps and country club dance band The Golddiggers will be rocking like it's 1959.

The Golddiggers are fronted by Dave Willie, who was the lead singer for one of my favorite bands ever,
Jet Black Factory, and later fronted the existential swing band Nine Parts Devil. The last time I saw him perform was the final NPD show, and they closed with an obscure Frank Sinatra gem, "Bim Bam Baby." It was one of my favorite live cover moments ever, so I'm looking forward to seeing what his latest band does with an entire catalog of classics.

The Golddiggers - "I Wanna Be Like You" (mp3)
The Golddiggers - "Stars Fell On Alabama" (mp3)

Frank Sinatra - "Bim Bam Baby" (mp3) from The Columbia Years: The Complete Recordings


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