Happy Dad's Day

I'll be heading out the door in a few minutes for my Dad and my traditional Father's Day outing to watch baseball under the guitar shaped scoreboard at Greer Stadium. But since I did a post for Mother's Day, it's only fair that I do one for Father's Day as well. And honestly, this is the first and only song that I thought of for it.

This song from Rodgers & Hammerstein's "Carousel" was one of Frank Sinatra's livelong favorites, and he lamented that more perormers didn't have the "guts" to do it. He recorded it four times over the course of his career, and it was a staple of his concerts from the mid-1980s on. This version is from 1963, arranged by Nelson Riddle. It's often cited as his definitive take, evidenced by the fact that it was the last of his studio recordings of the song. You can't improve on perfection.

Frank Sinatra - "Soliloquy" (mp3) from The Concert Sinatra

Hope you and your papa san (and/or kid of you're of the paternal variety) had a great Father's Day!


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