It's Oh So Quiet

You might have noticed the lack of posts on here for the past week or so. Apologies for that. Every minute of time I haven't been working or sleeping the past two weeks have been spent moving. And even though I've been paying rent on two apartments for the last two weeks, I've basically felt homeless. Everything I own is in a box, and I've spent the last few nights sleeping at my parent's house. But as of yesterday, I'm officially out of my old apartment, and today I start the start the slightly less arduous task of unpacking.

One of the things I'm looking forward to about getting settled into my new place is rediscovering old music. I'm going be unpacking and reorganizing 5000 plus CDs, and there will be plenty of stuff in there that I've basically forgotten about. It's one of the drawbacks to having an obscenely large music collection (the other drawback is, uh, moving). So over the next couple of weeks, you can expect to see lots old stuff posted on here, because that's probably what I'll be listening to.

The soundtrack for today however is something new. Janet at Out The Other posted this on Friday, and I've listened to it about ten times today. This song is just completely awesome.

Maritime - "For Science Fiction" (mp3) from Heresy and the Hotel Choir (out October 16 on Flameshovel)

Moving, huh? The question is: did that involve finally taking down your Christmas tree?
Knowing the author of this blog, I'm sure the tree is standing in the dining or living room, complete with decorations (the sheet may or may not be on it).
I on the other hand, have no decorations.....they are all in boxes in MT.
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