After three weeks, five phone calls, four service appointments, two apartment sitting trips by my dad so I didn't have to miss work, and countless headaches, Comcast finally got my internet access working at my new apartment yesterday. I can't decide whether I'm overcome with happiness or relief. If you don't we've become completely dependent on the interweb, trying going without it for almost a month. It sucks.

You know what else has sucked lately? This blog. Now that I've got the computer issues resolved, and I'm done with the distractions of moving and going to funerals, I can get back to making this place worthy of a weekly visit or two. After all, it's supposed to be about music, not bitching about Comcast's lousy customer service. To start on the road to recovery, here's a song who's title is somewhat apropos... David Gedge and company covering Take That (thanks to Elizabeth at
The Roaring Machine for the hookup).

The Wedding Present - "Back For Good" (mp3)

I wanted to post Elastica's "Connection" as well, to celebrate my modem finally being all lit up with pretty green lights. But despite having unpacked about a dozen boxes of CDs over the past two weeks, I've still got ten more to go, and that album is in one of those. Oh well.

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