Pencils Down

Tonight I spent 20 minutes taking Rolling Stone's Almost Impossible Rock And Roll Quiz. It's aptly named... the thing is a bitch. Once upon a time I was somewhat of a savant when it came to music trivia. Not only did I know the answer to almost any conceivable question, but I could spit out the answers without hesitation. Unfortunately it's a skill that's diminished quite a bit over the last few years. Still, I managed to score a 42 out of 58 on this quiz, which classifies me as an expert on their scale. But I'll admit that a good third of the questions I got right were either educated guesses or dumb luck (like the one about Tupac posthumous albums versus Steven Seagal movies). If you're looking for something to kill time at work tomorrow, it's definitely worth a look.

I think you should unpack boxes instead of taking a stupid test ;)
Well...there's plenty of stuff I should be doing other than taking the test...but I did. I scored a 31 which lists me as a WHIZ. Woo-hoo...yeah, it was hard!
I got a lousy 24 which was better than I thought I would do. Does your mom know you never unpacked your stuff for the 2 years you lived out here?
One of Darrin's favorite things as a kids was to play in a card board box and it's where he kept his toys. So I guess he's never outgrown his love of boxes....Hopefully he will get them out of his living room for his annual Christmas party ;)
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