Seabees Can Do

The last time I mentioned All We Seabees on here, I said that they might my new favorite local band. I've seen them twice since then, and the verdict is in... they are definitely my fave Nashville outfit out there right now. They just seem to have everything I love about music all wrapped up in one tidy package. Their live sets are equal parts folky strum and distortion laden walls of sound. The songs are quirky enough to be interesting but catchy enough to stay stuck in your head for days. With splashes of banjo and female harmonies, their arrangements keep you wondering where they're going to go next without sounding schizophrenic. It's pop music with a hint of Celtic ache, and rock music with a healthy dose of drunken charm.

All We Seabees -"Bruin Hunt" (mp3) from Anne The Snake
All We Seabees - "Black Girls" (mp3) from Flounder And Hoot (not yet released)

They'll be going into a sort of winter hibernation starting next month, but you have a couple of chances to catch them before they wind down for the year. They play this Saturday, November 10 at Springwater, along with Save Macaulay and Angus Whyte & The Irish Rednecks. They'll also be taking the stage at Mercy Lounge for 8 of 8th on Monday, November 19, with a lineup that also includes Ghostfinger and Hands Down Eugene.


This group afends me cause you know why. I am a real Seabee I bust my ass every day living up to are legendry creed and to the words of Can do we have added has done and did. You can offend alot of military people even if you to care about are cause.
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