Your Black Star - Beasts

A few months ago (July to be exact), Your Black Star released their fourth CD, the mini LP Beasts. After the year and a half wait it took between recording and the stateside release of their last album, Sound From The Ground (reviewed here), it had to be a relief for them to put out their latest a mere six months after recording it. Musically, the album has a similar urgency. They still have the same sonic trademarks they've always had, with heavily effected guitars anchored by a driving and unshakable rhythm section. But somehow the songs seem more direct... less atmospheric and more grounded. Whether that is the result of their seemingly constant touring or the hand of producer Erik Wofford (who has previously worked with Explosions In The Sky, Snowden, and The Black Angels), the result is a strong six song addition to their already impressive body of work.

Your Black Star - "Fight" (mp3)

You can hear two other tracks from the album, "The Break" and "Skyjacketing," on their myspace page.


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