The End of an Ego

When I first read about Noel Gallagher quitting Oasis this weekend, my first thought was "Again?" After reading more about it, and seeing that this time it's all official like and apparently permanent, my thought changed to "What took him so long?"

The battles between the Gallagher brothers are familiar to even the most casual of fans. Both Liam and Noel have taken leave from the band at various points. Liam famously sat out the taping of the band's MTV Unplugged episode, something that arguably made the show more memorable. Hearing the band's hits straight from the mouth of the guy who wrote them made for a much more unique experience. And during the band's 2000 European tour, it was Noel's turn to split. In fact, at the time he announced his intention to make like Brian Wilson and no longer tour overseas. It was a threat he ended up not following through on, but given the tumultuous nature of the brother's relationship, the current split is hardly a surprise. Of course, it remains to be seen whether it is permanent or not. It could be he's taking a page from the Paul McCartney playbook and announcing his departure in order to promote his upcoming solo album. Of course, the Beatles never reunited after that.

If he does mean it and is done with Oasis forever, I can't imagine the band going on without him. Despite the fact that Liam, guitarist Gem Archer and bassist Andy Bell have all been contributing songs over the past couple of albums, Noel is definitely the creative heart of the band. The friction between the brothers has always been a big part of the band's appeal, and without it Liam would probably become an insufferable twit. Of course,
some might say that's the problem that led to this situation in the first place.

This monday b-side is a rerun, but it seemed appropriate under the circumstances.

Oasis - "One Way Road" (mp3) from the Who Feels Love single


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