Next Big Nashville Friday Preview

It's Friday, and that means you can really throwdown at Next Big Nashville tonight. No having to worry about the alarm clock ringing in the morning, or going to work hungover. And if you're living in poverty and couting the days til payday next week, you don't even have to worry about having a badge or wristband to get a taste of NBN09. This years festival features the absolutely free Honky Tonk Takeover from 7-10 pm tonight on Lower Broad. Tootsie's will host Black Diamond Heavies, The Clutters and We Were The States, The Wheel features Blacklist Royals and Joshua Black Wilkins, Paradise Park will have Dixie Whiskey and Branded Sons gracing their stage, and The Wheels and Justin Kalk Orchestra will be playing at Full Moon Saloon.

Black Diamond Heavies - "Everythang is Everythang" (mp3) from A Touch of Someone Else's Class

But if you're not willing to mix with the tourists downtown, here's the best of the rest of tonite's showcases...

Cortney Tidwell - Hands down my favorite artist in Nashville. Her voice can go from a whisper to a scream and sound heavenly either way, and with a backing band featuring the cream of the crop of the local rock scene, they can create ethereal soundscapes or driving walls of sound to match. 9 pm at Exit/In

Cortney Tidwell - "17 Horses" (mp3) from Boys

Venus Hum - Since it's members have scattered to the four winds (well, Cincinnati and NYC anyway), appearances from Music City's premiere electro-poppers have become increasingly rare. Dance music rarely has songs this good, and frontwomen rarely have voices as divine as Annette Strean. 9:30 pm at The Rutledge

The Black Angels - One of the big names headling the fest this year, and sure to be one of the best shows. It'll also the best way to trip out this weekend and still be able to pass a drug test Monday morning. You may be merely drunk, but you'll feel like your on a peyote fueld midnight roadtrip through the desert. 11 pm at Exit/In

The Black Angels - "Doves" (mp3) from Directions To See A Ghost

Lylas - With Halloween just around the corner, there is no better time to introduce yourself to the macabre chamber folk of Kyle Hamlett and company. Never before have you heard such creepy sentiments sung with such sweet melodies. 11:20 pm at The Anchor

Since you're undoubtedly going to be having a really good time tonite, it's probably a good time to remind you about the free shuttles that will be running between venues all weekend. I took advantage of them heavily last year, and never had to wait more than ten minutes to get picked up at any of the venues. Early in the evening, they basically operate like your own personal taxi service, taking you promptly to wherever you want to go. But regardless of what time of the night you take them, they'll save you from a costly DUI.

Remember, we'll be tweeting the festival throughout the weekend, so follow us on Twitter
@page300 for live updates.


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