Five years ago today I wrote this.

Yesterday I wrote
this, as part of this project. My friend Tyge has compiled stories from 20 different people remembering their day 10 years ago. It's strange... after 3,652 days, and countless articles, books, movies, documentaries, and TV reports about September 11, 2001, you would think there wouldn't be much left to say that you'd be interested in hearing. But as I sat on the couch this morning drinking coffee and checking out the other contributions to the project, I found that reading other ordinary peoples thoughts and recollections from that day was a lot more compelling than watching a TV news special recounting the events. I don't need to see those images again. They are burned into my mind, and it was something that no one who was alive to experience it will ever forget. Ten years later and this day is still as confusing and conflicted as it was when it was happening.

That said, I will now spend the rest of my Sunday watching football and avoiding listening country radio, which will be full of terrible songs by Toby Keith, Alan Jackson, and that godawful Lee Greenwood song that everyone gets the title of wrong.

Here is a patriotic song that doesn't suck. I even like Neil Diamond's original version.

Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - "Coming To America" (mp3) from Have Another Ball

Go Titans!

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