Record Store Day 2011

Over the last four years, Record Store Day has grown from a valiant effort to get people to support their local mom and pop, brick and mortar music retailers into a veritable Christmas in April for music geeks. The list of RSD exclusive releases has grown to almost 300 titles this year, and the parties surrounding the event have become must-attend events whether you're a huge music fan or not (and really, who isn't???).

Here in Nashville, you've got five places you can get your indie on... Grimey's, The Groove, Third Man, and both location of The Great Escape. I was going to post a breakdown of all the scheduled live performances and specials, but Nashville Cream has done a much better job that I would have, so I'll direct you over there for specifics, and I'll just hit the highlights.

Grimey's - Nashville's finest record store was throwing the equivalent of Record Store Day parties before there even was an official RSD, so most locals already know what to expect. Undoubtedly the first stop for all serious local vinyl nerds, Grimeys gets started at 10 am, and will have the RSD exclusive releases stocked in the back parking lot. Expect big crowds, live music starting at noon, DJs throughout the day, a sidewalk sale, giveaways, movie screenings in The Basement, food, booze, and an afternoon signing by Matt and Kim. So yeah, nothing to see here.

The Groove - Though I'm sure I'm not the only one who misses the sweet Five Points location, the boys will make the short walk to the corner of Calvin and Gallatin Rd worth your while starting at 10 am. Along with 15% off everything in the store (RSD releases excluded), they have a full slate of local bands performing, deep discounted vinyl and CDs outside, giveaways, food and booze.

Third Man Records - The house that Jack White built hosts what is undoubtedly Nashville's biggest event on Saturday... a live LP recording by the the Killer himself, Jerry Lee Lewis. Though the concert requires a paid admission, anyone who swings by Third Man on Saturday will be able to pre-order the album (which is set to be released in just a months time) in it's limited edition black and blue pressing. Though no other live appearances at the store have been announced, I'd imagine that anyone who showed up there expecting to see something special wouldn't be disappointed. It's probably also your best bet to score the four RSD releases that Third Man is putting out... brand new singles from Karen Ellison and the new Danger Mouse project ROME, as well as reissues of the first two White Stripes singles. TMR's festivities start at 11:30 am.

Great Escape - Though neither location will feature any live music, they will have 20% off all used music, sales on new product and giveaways. They'll also be your first chance to score the exclusive RSD releases, as both stores open at 9 am.

If you don't live in Nashville, you can hit up the official Record Store Day website to find out where your nearest participating indie record store is, as well as peruse the official list of the RSD exclusive releases. My personal wish list includes...

Foo Fighters - Medium Rare (a vinyl only collection of all the various covers they've released over the years, including two brand new tracks)

Green Day/Husker Du "Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely" split 7" (Green Day covers my all time favorite Huskers song, with the original on the b-side)

Various Artists - Sing For Your Meat (a Guided By Voices tribute featuring Superdrag, Lou Barlow, Thurston Moore, Elf Power, and others)

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