Oh Canada

I think I've always had a big of a soft spot for the Great White North. It was the first foreign country I ever visited. Over the years a lot of my favorites bands have been from there. And because I grew up just an hour and a half drive up I-5 from the border, I'm very familiar with their currency. As a kid it seemed cool to have money from another country, until the first time you hit up a vending machine only to find you can't get that candy bar you wanted because one of your quarters turned out to be Canadian.

Over the next week, my wife and I will be taking in two of Canada's finest exports... Rush and NHL hockey. Tonight we're going to see the holy triumvirate of rock, and then we have tickets to the last two Predators home games. I haven't bought a new Rush album in well over a decade, but they're performing Moving Pictures in its entirety, so I'm pretty excited about seeing "The Camera Eye" live for the first time. And the Preds are in the thick of the Western Conference playoff race, so it should be a great atmosphere.

So with our social calendar dominated by all things Canuck, it seemed only appropriate to post the following video, Neil Peart's version of the second Canadian national anthem, the Hockey Night theme.


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