Christmas with The Killers

The Killers released this song in 2006. I kinda dug it, and it was a charity single, and I love Christmas songs, so I happily threw a buck towards iTunes for the cause.

The other day I was surfing through the on demand videos that our cable company offers, and discovered
"Don't Shoot Me Santa." It's a kinda bizarre video, but fun. But since I had no idea that The Killers had released other Christmas songs, it sent me searching. And it turns out they've been releasing them every year for the past half decade. This made me feel especially clueless, since I had still been a regular blogger most of that time. But after listening to their subsequent yuletide offerings I didn't feel so bad. It's like musical fruitcake... you're thankful that they gave you something, but it really isn't very good. And it really reminded me of why I quit caring about the Killers when they released Day & Age.

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