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Anyone who's visited this blog more than a couple of times knows I am a huge Frank Sinatra fan. Much to my chagrin, my fiance prefers Bing Crosby. I guess nobody's perfect.

If anyone has ever been in the market for any Crosby CDs, you tend to find that the only ones that are generally available are either Christmas CDs or compilations that mostly repackage the same dozen songs over and over. In an effort to expand our collection of Der Bingle, I visited one of our local used music emporiums the other day, where I found
Top o' the Morning: His Irish Collection. With St. Patrick's Day being this week, I figured it was a timely purchase. And it introduced me to this ditty, which has to be one of the goofiest damn songs I've ever heard. It's also a little bit disturbing. Apparently in Ireland they use the same pots to do laundry that they cook dinner in. Mmmm... soapy.

Bing Crosby - "Who Threw The Overalls In Mrs. Murphy's Chowder?" (mp3) from Top o' the Morning: His Irish Collection


Goofy AND racist. Good ol' Bing... and I like that he says "pie-ano" and "overhalls" for extra cheesiness.
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