Christmas Around The World - Indonesia

For some reason I had always assumed Christmas Island was in the Pacific (maybe I had it confused with Kiritimati). Turns out it's in the Indian Ocean, and though it's only 600 miles from Jakarta, it's actually a territory of Australia. Crikey! Geography never was my best subject. I hadn't meant for so many of these Christmas Around The World posts to be tropical in nature, but songs about the sunnier scenery in December make a nice counterpoint to the traditional winter tunes we're used to hearing this time of year.

Leon Redbone is probably familiar to most people as Zooey Deschanel's original duet partner, and the voice of Leon the Snowman from
Elf. Most of his career has been spent swimming just under the mainstream, and he's maintained quite an air of mystery. Not much is known about his past, and at one point it was thought that he was one of Andy Kaufman's alter egos. I guess the fact that Leon's still here and Andy's not finally put that rumor to rest.

Leon Redbone - "Christmas Island" (mp3) from Christmas Island

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