Christmas Around The World - Italy

It's that time of year when your email inbox fills up with a thousand forwarded messages from cousins and aunts that you haven't seen in the last decade, but for whatever reason they feel like forwarding a holiday message with a thousand lines of address headers makes them feel closer to their family this time of year. Next time send a card.

That said I actually enjoyed the Christmas trees around the world email that I'm sure everyone has already seen by now. And if you haven't, enjoy the world's largest Christmas tree on the slopes of Mt. Ingino, just outside of Gubbio, Italy. Apparently it's been an annual tradition since 1981. If you speak Italian, you can
read all about it. If not, it's designed with 500 colored lamps and 40,000 feet of cables, and it lights up every year on December 7, the eve of the feast of Immaculate Conception.

This song actually came up in conversation at my annual Christmas party Saturday night. A couple of my friends had heard it in the car earlier that day, and thought it was absolutely the stupidest song they'd ever heard. I couldn't disagree more. Yeah, it's goofy, but that's what makes it one of my absolute favorite Christmas songs.

Lou Monte - "Dominick The Donkey" (mp3) from The Very Best of Lou Monte


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