Tonight Is The Ghost

Hurricane Bells - Tonight Is The Ghost

Hurricane Bells is the new solo project from Longwave singer/guitarist Steve Schiltz. And you weren't supposed to be hearing it yet. Schlitz originally envisioned it as something he'd release on his own. But then his song "Monsters" got included on the surprisingly stellar lineup for The Twilight Saga: New Moon Soundtrack and, well, plans change. His debut album is now being released by Vagrant Records, although the sped up schedule means that a digital release is preceding the actual physical release by three months.

So what does Tonight Is The Ghost sound like? Basically it's a stripped down version of Longwave. It has a similar atmospheric vibe, but much less dense. Schiltz wrote, played, recorded and mixed every note on the album himself, and some of the songs have the kind of laid back, late night quality you often expect from a home recorded solo project. Other songs, like "This Is A Test" or the instrumental closer "Tenterhooks" sound a lot like his main band with a few less layers of guitar, and a few more layers of vocals.

And what about this New Moon movie he's gotten himself involved with? For reasons that I still can't quite explain, I went to a midnight showing of it last night, and it's actually not bad. I thought Twilight was the chickiest chick flick I'd ever seen, but the sequel is a lot better. There's a lot more action, and the story, while still a bit corny, isn't nearly as cringe worthy as the first one. So if you're a guy getting dragged to it by your girlfriend this weekend (which is how I saw it), you can rest easy... it's definitely watchable, and maybe even slightly enjoyable.

Hurricane Bells - "This Year" (mp3)

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